Attendees comment on Mike Manos 's keynote at Data Center World

OK, one more post on Mike Manos's keynote from an attendee.  Seemed worthwhile as it gives a different perspective than datacenterknowledge and searchdatacenter.

The Michael Manos keynote this morning at Data Center World was inspiring. Michael doesn't read off of note cards and you can tell that he not only knows this material inside and out, but that he is passionate about it. I gained a number of things from this talk -- including him mentioning that their new Chicago facility will have upwards of 200 shipping containers pieced together like the RV campsites like I have talked about in previous posts.
Here are my notes from his talk:

  • Microsoft challenges: 15x growth on servers, 9x growth on egress, 15x growth on power, 3x growth on number of data centers.
  • 30% of the audience had active prograMicrosoft to monitor and measure power in their data center
  • Next to nobody in the audience knew what their carbon emissions were for their data center
  • Sustainability regulation 'is' coming ; not if, but when
  • How many are working on green programs? 30% (audience)
  • Industry challenges/minefields:

  1. sustainability reporting & efficiency reporting
  2. data center inventory globally becoming a challenge
  3. increasing power densities at the rack level
  4. power costs
  5. green-washing
  6. expertise shortage
  7. organizational structures
  8. increasing capital cost barriers
  9. innovation hoarding
  10. heterogeneity versus homogeneity mindsets.

And the post goes into more detail and pretty much covers everything Mike presented.

John Rath good notetaking.