Ex-Googlers start a Greener Search Company, crawls web 1/10 cost of Google

Network.com has an article about a bunch of ex-Google and IBMs who received a 2nd round of funding, $25 million. The green part that caught my eye is the company claims to have a method to crawl the web at 1/10 the cost of Google. Less equipment, less electricity, a much smaller environmental footprint to search the web.  This looks cool.  Actually it is Cuill.  The company is called Cuill, (pronounced "cool").

A search company founded by ex-Google and IBM employees landed $25 million in new venture funding this week, but remains in stealth mode with no indication of when its technology will be publicly available.

The search start-up, Cuill (pronounced "cool"), has reportedly told investors that it can crawl the Web at about one-tenth the cost of Google. Cuill's Web site boasts of a "new approach to search" involving a Web crawler known as "Twiceler." Details beyond that are scarce and Cuill didn't immediately respond to an interview request from Network World Wednesday.

"Cuill has assembled a premier team of search experts from Google, IBM, eBay, AltaVista, Xerox PARC, the Internet Archive and Stanford University," Cuill states in a press release. "The team is leveraging their own expertise in search architecture, relevance methods and data analysis to provide users with a better search experience."