Security is The Opposing Force of Green, demonstration - techniques to remove hard drive data

I was a having a brainstorming session with another smart guy, I don't want to name him, because the idea is too controversial.  We were discussing Green Ideas and we stumbled on the issue of Security being un-Green.

Why? Security at its simplest level creates friction in processes to make things more difficult, this takes more energy, effort, and other resources.  The enemies of your Green IT efforts will be your Security group as they will not want to compromise their security policies.

Now I am not arguing for no security.  It is requirement of any system, but how much security creates an environmental cost which is not sustainable?

As a demonstration of the extreme, no change that the typical methods, see this ComputerWorld article that discussing removing hard drive data.  None of their techniques is environmentally friendly.  They are all about destroying the drive so it is not usable.

April 18, 2008 (Computerworld) With stories surfacing on news channels regularly about lost or stolen data or the ability to recover data from discarded or resold computers and their hard drives, Computerworld decided to look at some cheap methods of removing that sensitive data from your hard drive permanently. And, what better place to look than YouTube?

While some of the behavior in these videos clearly displays a somewhat alarming level of violence and pent-up rage (and are probably illegal), we nevertheless were fascinated with the myriad ways to destroy a hard drive -- from a plasma cutter to a train to machines we don't even know the name of -- not to mention aluminothermic reactions.

Who knew there was such a subculture devoted to abusing hard drives? We even tried it ourselves, and you know, it is kind of fun. Make sure to go to the end of the story to see our version of disk destruction.

Please remember to wear safety goggles if you attempt any of these at home. Which you probably shouldn't do. Seriously.

Computerworld's recommended video is here