High Cost of Water withers Australia wine industry

As the price of electricity increases, water costs are sure to follow.  One visible area of the effects of water is in Australia which has been suffering through a severe drought. MSNBC has an article and video on the effects of higher water costs on the Australia Wine industry.

MELBOURNE - Australian grape growers reckon they are the canary in the coal mine of global warming, as a long drought forces winemakers to rethink the styles of wine they can produce and the regions they can grow in.

The three largest grape-growing regions in Australia, the driest inhabited continent on earth, all depend on irrigation to survive. The high cost of water has made life tough for growers.

Some say they probably won't survive this year's harvest, because of the cost of keeping vines alive. Water prices have more than tripled.

"On the back of three very ordinary years, this year is probably the worst that could have occurred with the drought and the high costs of water," said Michael de Palma, a mid-sized grower in Redcliffe near Mildura in the Murray Valley, one of the country's three big wine regions.

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