Socially Responsible Outsourcing, Green IT makes the list

ComputerWorld has an article about Socially Responsible Outsourcing, and how Green IT is making the list of IT requirements.

Is your outsourcer an IT sweatshop?

Adherents say an ethics-based approach to outsourcing is good for your conscience and your company

"We just got into IT outsourcing within the past couple of years, and we're trying to apply the same ideas: giving back to community, supporting the economies in which we live and work, green initiatives," says Kifer, who is a group vice president at Applied Materials Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company that creates and commercializes nanomanufacturing technology. "We need to make sure that our suppliers are operating to the same high standards" as the company, he says.

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) lists socially responsible outsourcing as the No. 1 trend in the field for 2008. The association predicts that companies providing, using or offering advice on outsourcing will increasingly develop standards that go beyond pure business objectives to address ethical questions. It expects that these standards will touch on topics that indicate how a company interacts with people, the community and the environment, such as labor policies and green initiatives.