Microsoft VP Debra Chrapaty presents The Reality of the Cloud

Appended May 6 - The video of the below is available here.

At Microsoft Management Systems Summit, Microsoft  Corp VP, Debra Chrapaty gives a Keynote presentation. Debra has been a supporter of the ideas behind a Green Data Center, and has built an amazing team at Micrsosoft.

Thursday, May 1: Debra Chrapaty, Corporate Vice President of Global Foundation Services
"The Reality of the Cloud"
A key piece of Software+Services is the ability to have applications and information available “in the cloud” to access when and where customers need them. In reality, we know the cloud is made of data centers filled with racks of servers linked by fast connections. Debra Chrapaty, corporate vice-president of Global Foundation Services, will share her thoughts on building, connecting, securing and managing clouds that support hundreds of millions of customers around the world, around the clock. 
Global Foundation Services is responsible for the strategy and delivery of the foundational platform for Microsoft Live and Online Services including globalization, operational infrastructure, management, business systems, security, networking and datacenters. GFS supports MSN and Windows Live branded services, Microsoft communication and collaboration services, and over 200 other Microsoft online services and web portals. GFS focuses on smart growth, high-efficiency, creative solutions, and client and consumer trust to carry out their organization mission of enabling and delivering winning services to everyone, everywhere.

For more info on Debra go here.

Corporate Vice President of Global Foundation Services, Debra Chrapaty, is in charge of a worldwide team that runs the foundation servers for Microsoft’s data centers, networks, infrastructure and server architecture as part of our software + services strategy. Charles and Jennifer, in their on-going WM_IN Technology journey, talk to this energetic, dynamic, smart woman who fulfilled her childhood dream of being on the cover of Information Week (read geek). She used to be the CTO for the National Basketball Association (NBA) . . . and that’s just the beginning of where this successful woman gets interesting.

There should be plenty of press at the event, we'll see if anything gets reported as news worthy.  Maybe she'll into details on building out Live Mesh.