Energy Camp, April 28 - Microsoft's Chief Environmental Strategist Rob Bernard Keynotes

Energy Camp, an Unconference event looks like a cool event on April 28 in Las Vegas.  Keynoting will be Microsoft's Chief Environmental Strategist, Rob Bernard.

About Energy Camp

Energy Camp @Interop is a collaborative “unconference” –- a gathering where attendees program discussion topics of their choice into the event’s agenda –- that’s dedicated to the reduction of IT’s global carbon footprint. This one-day, all day, forum will bring a cross section of industry stakeholders together to discuss the growing impact of today’s energy costs on IT’s bottom line, and the overarching importance of energy conservation and utilizing greener IT solutions and methods.

Rob Bernard.
Rob is the Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft, responsible for defining and implementing the global strategy for the company's environmental efforts.

Thanks to Tom Raftery for sending this to my attention.