Where's the News on Google Electricity efforts? Achieving Carbon Neutral in 2007. Google: jolly green giant?

I wrote about Google as an electric company back in Nov 2007.

I searched news.com's GreenTech and no real news on Google's green energy efforts since Nov 2007 posting Google: jolly green giant?

Google: Jolly green giant?

By CNET News.com Staff

Last modified:November 28, 2007, 11:26 AM PST

The search and advertising company is a force to be reckoned with across the Web. Now it's looking to do the same in alternative energy (along with many others, large and small).

Google's energy push: Distraction, PR, or good business?

People are wondering why Google's getting into renewable energy. The answer is simple: it believes in innovation.
November 28, 2007

Google in energy: Imitator or innovator?

In Google's renewable-energy initiative, there are new ideas, and some reruns. Is the eSolar investment more of a VC deal than a way to push the frontiers of science?

Compared to rapid pace of innovation in Web Technologies, electricity development moves at a glacial pace.

Where is the press release from Google on achieving Carbon - Neutral in 2007? I couldn't find it on their press release site.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint to Zero

Our business powers the platforms that drive the Internet. With hundreds of millions of Google users, it takes extensive computer infrastructure to keep our tools and services running. And that takes a lot of electricity. Generating that electricity requires energy, and as our business grows, we want to make sure we minimize our impact on the Earth's climate. So we’re taking every step we can to produce electricity using renewable energy resources that don't add to the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of that responsibility, Google has committed to being carbon-neutral for 2007 and beyond. To honor our pledge, we’re taking a three-step approach. First, we’re increasing the energy efficiency of our own operations. Second, we’re actively pursuing the use and creation of clean and renewable sources of electricity. Third, for the emissions we can’t reduce directly at this time, we’re investing in projects that help offset carbon generated.

I did find one entry saying Google was going carbon-neutral in 2008, but the article was written in June 23, 2007, and the Google web site still says 2007.

Google's green PR images are date June 18, 2007.

Has Google's stock price decline caused the company to put the Green message on the back burner and focus on revenue?

Google does have a Green store though.

The Google Store is going green. We only have one Earth and we want to do our best to take care of her, so we've worked hard to make our store more eco-friendly. From organic cotton T-shirts to pencils made of recycled blue jeans, you'll find that most (though not all) Google products are now made of recycled material or other stuff that goes easy on our planet.  We are also using more environmentally sound, recycled polybags, to individually package your items and to protect your items during transit.

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