Green Data Center Initiative in India

I've been told Green Data Centers are not a priority in India, but I found this article, on Express Computer, an India IT business weekly.

Powering the data center

Chris McPherson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, APAC, Raritan, and Sanjay Motwani, Country Manager, India, Raritan share their views with Neeraj Gandhi on handling the power and cooling issues in a data center, and why a power management strategy is so important.

Chris McPherson

Sanjay Motwani

Data centers today are stuck in a heat loop. They actually end up creating new heat (by powering cooling solutions) while trying to dissipate heat generated by servers. How can enterprises get out of this vicious circle?

Why is it so important to have a power management strategy in place?

Motwani: A power management strategy is important for the following reasons:

a) Firstly, power, especially within countries like India is scarce and its optimal utilization is imperative, not a desirable feature.
b) Secondly, the IT infrastructure devices today are both growing in number and consuming more and more power. Hence the power costs for running a data center are increasing exponentially. In some cases the cost of power (for both IT infrastructure & cooling) account for nearly 60% of the costs.
c) Thirdly, at a global scale we are facing the threat of global warming, hence it is the duty of all to ensure that we contribute in whatever way to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Raritan, which has been providing basic level power tools, is now providing tools for power optimization. These tools allow for measurement and analysis thereby giving the necessary inputs to the IT team to take corrective action.

And, they do admit Green Data Center awareness is low.

There is a lot of discussion on green data centers. Of what importance is this concept in India?

McPherson: The level of awareness with regards to greening of data centers in comparatively low in India. Although I must add that it is increasing and enterprises here are getting serious about making their data centers green. Power is extremely expensive in this part of the world, and data centers are suffering as a result. Consumers are not aware of what an impact this has on the TCO of a data center. Therefore, essentially the awareness around this whole concept of going green needs to be increased.

Motwani: Greening of the data centers largely depends on the corporate philosophy of the enterprise. India today houses data centers of the US. And since the concept of green is being pursued there in a big way, we are witnessing a trickle down effect here in India too. Indian data centers in India are also making an effort in this direction. In addition, compliance is expected to play a big role to help achieve this.