IBM Markets Software for a Greener World

IBM has a press release which outlines IBM's plan for a Greener World enabled by software.

Introduced today, IBM "Software for a Greener World" is an expansion of Project Big Green and includes new and existing offerings that help organizations optimize their infrastructure, workloads and people for energy efficiency. Key new capabilities being announced are:

  • Tivoli software products that help organizations manage energy consumption in the data center and enable IT managers to manage power usage to reduce costs and control carbon emissions. These benefits are delivered through new products including Tivoli Monitoring and enhancements to IBM Maximo Asset Management, Maximi Spatial and IBM Active Energy Manager.
  • WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, which provides application infrastructure virtualization capabilities that lower operational and energy costs required to create, run, and manage enterprise applications and SOA environments.
  • Lotus Technologies, including Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime unified communications platform and Lotus Connections social networking software offer green benefits for people at work and information technology departments by enabling significant reductions in travel and commuting. In addition, Lotus Domino 8.5, available in beta next month, will introduce significant capabilites to further improve disk space savings and reduce resource usage.
  • WebSphere Portal 6.1 with improved performance monitoring infrastructure.
  • Lotus ActiveInsight 6.1 with integration with Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for real-time energy dashboards.
  • Rational Team Concert, which enables in-context collaboration for multi-site software development and collaboration, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Information Management capabilities available with IBM Compliance Warehouse for Legal Control that enables organizations to achieve, sustain, and prove compliance with increasing environmental regulatory requirements while reducing cost, complexity, and risk.

IBM is getting its company behind the Green IT theme. But, as much Green Data Center content as IBM cranks out with entries like  I am happy to claim I still beat them in Google Search with my TechNet article and blog.