Data Centers Lack Tools and Commitment for Green Initiatives, says ARI survey

Aperture Research Institute has a survey report, "Data Centers lack tools and commitment to deliver on the ambitions of their green initiatives."

One of the results

Only 24 per cent of the organisations we surveyed said that the IT department charges the business for energy use.

I don't know about you, but I find the 24 per cent number high, but maybe it includes those who count power bills in their calculation in charge backs, not those companies who provide direct energy charge backs base on usage. 

So, 76 per cent of the companies do not look at the power bill in their charge back. We may have to wait until the power bill gets so large, the finance department gets a clue the large power bill is coming from its data centers.

Maybe I need to look at writing for an article for on energy charge backs for data centers. had an article on energy, but it's dated Aug 8, 2006.