Smart Folks Leaving Yahoo

Yahoo is all over the news, outsourcing with Google to bring in revenue.  But as Michael Malone writes for ABCNews, the smart folks are leaving Yahoo.  Didn’t KC Mares, Yahoo’s data center strategist leave in April 2008?  Could he see the writing on the wall.

Jeff Weiner, the guy who runs and Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail, is splitting from the company to go work for a couple of venture capital firms. He joins a growing list of Yahoo's best and brightest who have already bailed out of the company.

If there is any Intellectual Capital equivalent to Moore's Law it is that, no matter what their public explanations, when the smartest folks leave a company that company will soon be in serious trouble, and wherever those folks end up, that company will soon be a whole lot more successful.

Right now, Yahoo is bleeding talent from every doorway. And that means that even if Yang and what remains of his staff can manage to right their listing company, Yahoo will still be dead in the water, lacking in the kind of talent it will need to get moving again and keep up with the competition.

If you are looking for data center staff, maybe you should send someone to hang out in the Yahoo data center parking lots.