Yahoo wastes Carbon-Neutral efforts

Yahoo’s Christina Page presented a keynote at the Uptime Symposium 2008 and has a podcast on Uptime here.

Listening to Christina explain how Yahoo went carbon neutral in 2007 by buying carbon credits, questions came up in her keynote asking what was the business value of going carbon neutral. Christina danced around this. But, I think what the reality is that Yahoo’s management, probably specifically Jerry Yang supported the idea of going carbon neutral and gave Christina the job of purchasing carbon credits.

With all the recent news questioning Jerry Yang’s management decisions dealing with Microsoft’s hostile takeover bid who would ever follow in Yahoo’s footsteps for anything they have decided to do over the past couple of years.  BusinessWeek highlights again how many executives are leaving Yahoo.

Another day, another high-level exit—or three—from Yahoo! (YHOO). The most recent round came to light June 19, when TechCrunch reported the imminent departure of three prominent Yahoos: Vish Makhijani, general manager of Yahoo Search; Qi Lu, executive vice-president for search and advertising technology; and Brad Garlinghouse, senior vice-president for communications and communities and the author of a scathing 2006 memo dubbed the "peanut butter manifesto" that accused Yahoo of losing its focus (, 6/12/08).

Garlinghouse and the others are among more than 50 high-profile Yahoo executives and managers who have left the company in the past three months or intend to leave, raising concerns that a leadership vacuum will ensue in light of failed merger discussions with Microsoft (MSFT), and amid withering public criticism of Yahoo management by billionaire investor Carl Icahn. The exodus makes it harder for remaining executives to persuade shareholders the company has the means to turn itself around.

The end result is Yahoo’s carbon neutrality is wasted as who would follow their lead in anything right now.