Virtualization and Networking, VMWare & Cisco provide Best Practice Guidance

After prodding VMware’s Guy Brunsdon, Director of Network Marketing, he has started his own blog on networking on VMware blogs His first entry is:

Anyway, so what better time is there to announce the publication of an in-depth deployment paper jointly authored by Cisco and VMware. We posted this paper about a week ago on the site. It's around 90 pages, so no short read; but it delves into many of the considerations, architectures, etc in deploying VI with Cisco switches.

As Guy mentions the paper is 90 pages, but here is the about to see if it is right for you if you have are using VMware in a Cisco networking environment. But, even if you are using XenSource or somebody else’s switches this document is probably useful.

This document is a collaboration between Cisco and VMware. It documents a set of suggested best practices for deploying VMware Infrastructure (VI) 3.x and VMware ESX Server 3.x in a Cisco network environment. The document provides details regarding the internal constructs of the ESX Server and their relation to external Cisco network devices are discussed.

This document is intended for network architects, network engineers, and server administrators interested in understanding and deploying VMware ESX Server 3.x hosts in a Cisco data center environment.

The XenSource guys have this small wiki page.

I looked on the Microsoft Virtualization blog, but found networking entries which were years old.  And, when searching for VLAN, found nothing.