Data Center

I've been searching for information on data centers, and there isn't a whole lot out there.  Found one Turner Construction project with reference to one facility. Data Center
Seattle, WA
This phased fast-tracked demolition, renovation and structural upgrade of approximately 10,000 sq. ft. basement and approximately 18,000 sq. ft. of first floor in existing downtown five-story office building. Electrical support for data center included construction of Seattle City Light electrical transformer vault, N+1 redundant power and cooling, and structural reinforcement of the existing structure for seismic upgrades. In addition open workspace and offices were carved out of the area. Intensive just-in-time pre-construction sessions with the design team, city utilities and staff has made it possible to design, obtain permit and substantially complete in record time - five months from formal Notice to Proceed to an operational data center

There is the UC Berkeley/Stanford paper.

Despite significant efforts in the field of Autonomic Computing,
system operators will still play a critical role in administering
Internet services for many years to come. However,
very little is know about how system operators work,
what tools they use and how we can make them more efficient.
In this paper we study the practices of operators in a
large-scale Internet service and propose a new
set of tools for operators. The first tool lets the operators
explore the health of system components and dependencies
between them; the other monitors the actions of operators
and automatically suggests solutions to recurring problems.

I think I need to talk to some other data center friends who work in Seattle to find more about