Green Data Center Computing Project in Defense Department, providing Cloud Computing Infrastructure

HP has a press release on a Defense Department project.

HP today announced that it will be supplying the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with scalable technology to enable its Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to deploy a cloud computing infrastructure.

The shared, flexible infrastructure will allow DISA to remotely provision its test and development systems through a single, secure interface. DISA provides processing capability, systems management, communications and storage to support DoD services, agencies and combatant commands.

HP’s offerings will enable DISA to build an adaptable cloud computing infrastructure it calls RACE (or, Rapid Access Computing Environment), which is designed to reduce costs, consolidate applications, shorten delivery times and simplify the user experience. According to a DISA official, RACE represents an unprecedented capability for the DoD, offering the speed and agility comparable to the commercial marketplace.

Users of the RACE cloud infrastructure will avoid capital costs for hardware or software licenses and instead pay for computing resources with operations and maintenance budgets on an as-needed basis. When a compute-intensive cycle is complete, resources will be returned to the cloud, ensuring that the user pays only for the resources required.

The Green Data Center part is

In addition, the responsive, HP-powered solution will automate management tasks, dynamically allocating server resources where they are needed, thereby optimizing efficiency, saving energy and minimizing the need for personnel oversight.

Note this test and development environment, but the next step is production.

DataCenterKnowledge has more information on this.

Garing said implementing a cloud architecture will help DISA better serve its DoD users around the globe. "The challenge is to make us relevant to them so they want to use our services," he said, adding that many military users tend to be conservative about change. "Some say 'I've got to have my own box, under my desk. I don't trust the cloud.' There's something about this box-hugging syndrome that will be a challenge for us. We feel that if we don't get a cloud-like system in DISO, we'll become less relevant."

This joins the efforts by Google and Amazon to provide a cloud computing infrastructure, but it is meant as an internal service model.  SkyTap is another company providing test and dev cloud computing infrastructure.