Nortel’s Energy Efficiency Calculator

Greenmonk has a post about Nortel’s Energy Efficiency Calculator.

Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator

Nortel announced the release their Energy Efficiency Calculator online last week.

The tool is available for anyone to use after a quick registration (name, email and country) and uses best guestimates to give figures for energy spend.

The data are highly customisable, you can vary country, energy costs, company setup (network, no. of employees, etc.). It outputs costs to run the network infrastructure, kWh consumed, MBTUs generated and CO2 emissions.

This is an extension of the “Cisco Energy Tax” campaign which Nortel have been running very successfully now for some time.

And, they close throwing out a challenge to Cisco

Having said that, this is a neat tool and reinforces the connection for companies between saving costs and lowering CO2 emissions.

Now Cisco, where is your rebuttal? ;-)

[Disclosure: Nortel are a GreenMonk client]

Nortel must be pleased with its Green Data Center efforts it announced at Interop.