Microsoft Internal Field Presentation on Green/Sustainability Architecture

Michael Manos, GM of Microsoft's Data Center Construction and Operation, and Lewis Curtis, Infrastructure Architect will be presenting for the 3rd time at Microsoft's TechReady event, an internal presentation for Technical Field staff.

TechReady is a bi-annual, 5-day internal technical conference for Microsoft employees. Microsoft employees from all of the international subsidiaries, as well as American employees are presented to by the product groups about all the upcoming releases for the year, and receive training on all of the currently released Microsoft products[1]. The senior executives will also often present at TechReady, outlining their visions for the future, and taking questions from employees.

TechReady is made up of many separate 'sessions' - from general briefings suitable for all audiences to in-depth 'breakout sessions' for a deep look at a specific product, or part thereof.

For those Microsoft people coming to town for the event, the session is ARC204, Thurs, July 31, 4:15-5:30, Environmental Sustainability Architecture Update.

    · Sustainable Intelligence:  example is SCRY

    · Sustainable Online Services: example is Live / GFS 

    · Sustainable Optimization: example is products like Windows 2008 power mgmt/.Net optimization as well as datacenter optimization best practices from GFS, etc…

    · Sustainable Consolidation: example is Windows Server 2008 Virtualization, IIS7, hardware design consolidation, SQL Server 2008, etc…

Maybe I'll be able to catch Lewis and Mike after the event for some comments.