The Virtual Data Center, VMware's next move?

VMware has made management changes, and they will occupy a new data center at Sabey's facility in Eastern Washington.

EAST WENATCHEE — Palo Alto-based software company VMware will become the next tenant at a data center under construction near Pangborn Memorial Airport.

Company spokeswoman Melinda Marks said by e-mail that VMware will use its new data center to expand research and development.

The company's plans, under review by Douglas County officials, call for a new 189,000-square-foot building at Intergate.Columbia, a data-center complex developed by Tukwila-based Sabey Corp. on 30 acres just east of Pangborn Memorial Airport.

Sabey is already building a data center there for telecom giant T-Mobile. That center should be finished by early next year.

Douglas County plans examiner Lars Peterson said Sabey submitted the plans for the VMware building in June.

The plans show VMware would occupy about two-thirds of the new building.

Two-thirds of a 189,000 square foot building for R&D seems a little big.  VMware is planning something big.

VMware is getting ready for big announcements in October, a month after Microsoft's Hyper-V launch.

You add up the management changes of Paul Maritz, 120,000 of data center space, and VMware's upcoming announcements.  I am guessing VMware will announce its Virtual Data Center - cloud computing initiative.

Imagine what VMware could build using all its tools and lease out a Virtual Data Center. They could change the hosting model from the extremes of rent your own space or Amazon's Web Services.

One company already going down the path of Virtual Data Center hosting is Digital Sense.

Leading the way in High Density Design

Availability, redundancy, efficiency, flexibility, security.

Digital sense is dedicated to building the most energy efficient, comprehensively monitored, high density data centres. Built to future proof your investment in our data centres, Digital Sense is able to cater for I.T. computing loads from 3kw to 25kw per rack across the entire floor space. Designed to be the ultimate in high availability design, Digital Sense has undertaken a massive design and implementation process to bring a truly redundant facility that is built to cater for the emerging virtualisation evolution.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll keep testing this idea, but I wanted to blog it now to get the idea out there.