Why does Google’s Data Center in Mayes County/Pryor, OK have only 100 employees when all other recent facilities have 200?

Due to Public pressures for more disclosure on Google’s Data Centers there is now more information posted. Here is the one for Mayes County/Pryor, Oklahoma.

Hello Mayes County!

Google is very happy to be constructing a new data center in Mayes County, Oklahoma. Your community has all the qualities Google looks for when developing a data center to serve millions of Internet users.

Limited testing of the facility should be underway in the second half of  2008 and the center should be fully operational sometime in 2009. Eventually, we plan to employ approximately 100 people, ranging from technology assistants to experienced data center managers. We’re confident this $600 million investment will be good for Mayes County, Google and our Internet users.

In the meantime, we’re eager to share more information about what we’re doing. On this site, you’ll find information about:

  • what exactly a data center is
  • the kinds of jobs that are available
  • what Google does
  • how to contact us

Use this site to familiarize yourself with the Mayes County data center, and feel free to share this site with anyone who may be interested.

We appreciate your help and support, and feel privileged to be part of the Mayes County community.

When you check out http://www.google.com/datacenter/councilbluffs/, http://www.google.com/datacenter/lenoir/, and http://www.google.com/datacenter/berkeleycounty/. They all have the same as the above except they say 200 employees vs. 100 employees.

What is so different about the Oklahoma facility it needs only a 100? Should the number have been 200? Or is it a slip that they actually only have a 100 in their data centers, as few us believe the 200 number.

California - Mountain View
Georgia - Atlanta
Illinois - Chicago
Iowa - Council Bluffs
North Carolina - Lenoir
Oklahoma - Pryor
Oregon - The Dalles
South Carolina – Charleston

It is hard to believe there are 200 employees for these facilities.  Another fact a data center construction expert has pointed out is Google builds all its data centers exactly the same, they all cost $600 million.

How Green can Google’s data centers be if they build them all the same no matter where they are located?