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Part of attending the conference is I am able to catch up with a lot of people in a good networking environment. Jason Dudek from APC is one of person who I have worked with off and on for over 10 years.  Jason wanted to make the point that he has a lower carbon footprint as he drove to a park and ride, took a bus, and he is riding his bike home. So, yes he wins the lowest carbon footprint for the day.

But more important Jason pointed me to who have a closed loop cooling & monitoring system for legacy equipment in a data center.

They have a Cooling System

SiteX Rack Airflow Control Systems

SiteX Rack Airflow Control Systems provide reliable, redundant and easily scaleable closed-loop pressure control to eliminate bypass and maintain proper rack to IT equipment airflow in a variety of rack fan configurations.

Network versions allow remote management and alarm notification for superior intelligence and visibility of critical information over Ethernet. Integrate with SiteX HD Fan Trays or use with your existing rack fans.

Deliver predictable temperatures to your IT equipment and achieve the highest degree of data center cooling efficiency with SiteX from Opengate Data Systems.

  • Effective Rack Airflow Control for the highest degree of efficiency and availability
  • Reduce or eliminate CRAC over-provisioning by providing physical separation of cool supply and hot return airstreams
  • Report rack airflow capacity for future application deployment
  • Couple CRAC cooling to IT equipment heat loads, raising return air temperatures and improving CRAC and chiller efficiency
  • Report rack airflow rate for CRAC/H airflow delivery control

and, a Monitoring system

SiteX HD Environment Monitoring

Effective environment monitoring with up to 16 temperature and humidity sensors plus three additional I/O ports for water, smoke, and door open position sensors in a 1U rack-mount device.

Communicate using HTTP, HTTPS, XML or SNMP and use DHCP to automatically connect to your network.

Customize alarm limits and behavior using the configuration page. Visibility of critical information with the highest degree of reliability can be ensured with SiteX HD from Opengate Data Systems.

Environment Monitoring Series PDF

SiteX HD™ Environment Monitoring
Effective environment monitoring and visibility of critical alarms over Ethernet.

Environment Monitoring with 16 sensor ports + 3 I/O ports

Environment Monitoring with 5 sensor ports + 3 I/O ports

Temperature Sensor, 12 Foot* Cord

Temperature / Airflow Sensor, 12 Foot* Cord

Temperature / Airflow / Humidity Sensor, 12 Foot* Cord

Water Sensor, connect to I/O port

Smoke Sensor Kit, connect to I/O port, requires 120V source

Door Open Sensor, connect to I/O port

Camera, Web Enabled