Opportunity to Be a Neighbor of VMWare, Sabey's Intergate Data Center Space Available

At Data Center Dynamics Seattle, Sabey presented in a session and had a booth for their facility in Wenatchee, WA.

Sabey is completing the construction of its new data center campus, Intergate.Columbia. It is located in North Central Washington, near East Wenatchee and the Columbia River - one of the nation's foremost hydroelectric generating rivers.

The site sits on 30 acres, and will accommodate two data center buildings, including one 205,000 square-foot structure and one of 188,000 square-feet. The buildings will be served by a new, redundant substation on site.  Each building will have the flexibility to house either a single tenant or multiple users.


The unlabeled Green space next to the Available (blue) area is the space taken up by VMware (NYSE: VMW). The other 200,000 sq ft build is occupied by T-Mobile.  These aren't bad neighbors to have, and Sabey has 2 anchor tenants as they continue their data center construction.

Sabey presented their strategy to build the greenest data centers, and how they are leveraging the hydroelectric power in Eastern Washington.

Totally unplanned Sabey's staff met Michael Tran from Digital Sense to discuss some ideas of a Virtual Data Center and join us for lunch. I forgot I had blogged about Sabey and Digital Sense in The Virtual Data Center post.

(FYI, VMWare - Sabey was totally appropriate and discussed no details about VMware being a tenant.)

I think I ended up having 12 high quality meetings during the day long event. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't go to many sessions, but I go to these events to network and I could always watch the sessions later when they are posted.