Cloud Computing Blogs

DataCenterKnowledge has a good list of Cloud Computing Blogs.  If you doubt whether Cloud Computing is game changing, the fact that there are these many bloggers will get you thinking.

  • Elastic Vapor: The ramblings of Reuven Cohen, co-Founder & CTO of Enomaly (ElasticDrive). A consistently interesting read.
  • Cloud Musings: Thoughts on cloud computing from Kevin Jackson, a senior IT technologist specializing in government requirements.
  • Cloudy Thoughts: Markus Klems writes about cloud computing, grids, distributed programming and agile Web development.
  • Geva Perry's Blog: Views on cloud computing from Geva, the Chief Marketing Officer at GigaSpaces Technologies.
  • Cloud Security: Craig Balding provides an important look at the security implications of clouds and how they interact with one another.
  • IT Management and Cloud Blog: The view from the clouds from technologist and author John Willis.
  • Perspectives: Excellent blog from James Hamilton of Microsoft, with great content on scalability and databases as well as cloud computing.
  • The Wisdom of Clouds: James Urquhart's thoughts on "Cloud Computing and Utility Computing for the Enterprise and the Individual." Very informative.
  • GigaOm: Om Malik and company provide strong coverage of cloud computing services and business models.
  • Smoothspan Blog: Blog by Bob Warfield focused on "radical technology innovation with equally radical business model innovation to literally reinvent software."
  • Production Scale: Blog from Kent Langley at SolutionSet tracking scalable web infrastructure and cloud computing.
  • Rough Type: From Nicholas Carr, author of "The Big Switch." Nick is in low-post mode for the summer, but is one of the best soruces on clouds and SaaS.
  • Server Farming: A TechTarget blog on grid computing, supercomputing and utility computing.
  • Sam Johnston: Lots of good info on cloud computing, especially the recent trademark flap.
  • Salesforce Times: All Salesforce, all the time, from founded by Adam Killam of Vancouver.
  • William Vambenepe: Views on grids, clouds and databases from an Oracle architect.
  • Hot Cluster: Topical blog from Bert Armijo and Berry Lynn of 3Tera, which makes the AppLogic "cloud OS" software.
  • OnSaaS: Links and more from Jian Zhen of LogLogic and Michael Mucha from Stanford Hospital.
  • In The Clouds: Cloud computing blog from Dell, where the company shares information about its cloud servers and services.

As Rich Miller says he is monitoring this list.

It's a lot to read. If you can't track that many blogs each day, just keep reading Data Center Knowledge! We're monitoring these sites, as well as numerous searches on topics of interest in the Data Center. News tips and backlinks are always welcome!