Commoditization, Standardization, or Industrialization of Data Centers

DataCenterKnowledge has a post on Industrialization and Standardization of data center design.

The focus on smaller spaces provides greater flexibility, but also allows data center builders to standardize many elements of the process, enabling an “industrialization” of data center design. That term has been adopted recently by the world’s two largest data center operators - Digital Realty Trust and IBM.

“We’re really seeing the standardization really resonating with a lot of customers,” said Jody Cefola, Site and Facilities Services marketing Manager for IBM. “We liken it to what’s happened in IT, where companies have gone to standardized operating environments in their software.

Christian Belady has been presenting on this topic for the last 2 years and uses the term commoditization as well, and how the data center industry needs to change.

“The real driver behind this is the fact that the cost of computation is going down,” said Belady. “The problem is going to get worse. As the price goes down, demand goes up. I think what you’re going to see is the commoditization of the data center. Standardization will create a plug-n-play environment.”

Part of making Green Data Centers is improving efficiencies, and this can be done by using standard units used across multiple facilities no different than any other industrial process as data center services become a commodity.  There I used the title terms with all the "izations" removed.:-)