Intel Atom Home Server for UK market, Tranquil PC

For those of you in the UK, Tranquil PC is shipping Intel Atom based Home Servers.

NEW – Our Home Servers are now powered by the amazing Intel Atom CPU – increased system performance, with even lower power consumption (when compared to the previous 64 bit ready Intel Home Server (for orders placed after 25th May 2008)

Power saving - by using our efficient systems, you can expect to save at least £32.00 / year for these 'always on' servers, when compared to other Home Server appliances.

Note you can order the servers without an OS.

We can now offer these appliances without the Operating System installed - if you wish to order without Operating System, please use the following coupon code at the check out DIS50-TPCHSA (saving you £50.00 +VAT)

I’ve been getting a few hits on my blog for “intel atom server” so I know people are looking for this type of solution.  Go Little Green Server users!

There is a review of the Tranquil Intel atom based PC here.