Universities Greener than Corporations, Educating The Future Workforce

ZDNet posts on Green IT adoption in Universities.

A majority of technology professionals at these schools also are actively powering down their data centers on a regular schedule to cut back on power use (about 55 percent use these techniques). Close to 30 percent have made changes to their data center designed and 20 percent have simplified their networks with energy savings in mind.

Some of you may be surprised by these facts, but I'm not. As I've had the experience with Cornell Medical School's BioMedicine department. Their IT attitude of doing the right thing, setting an example on what can be done, and low labor costs from student faculty creates an environment for green innovation and early adoption.

Other interesting parts of the blog post.

A survey from the Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education finds that at least two-thirds of colleges and universities are adopting energy-savings programs or other policies that could be deemed environmentally conscious. The findings were collected from member schools. (There are 2,000 members from 780 schools.)

In a move that I find fascinating, giving the poor action taken by the general public in this area as evidenced by the Forrester poll I wrote about yesterday, 80 percent of the surveyed universities are recycling computer and networking equipment — a figure much higher than the general public. About 73 percent of the schools said they are buying more energy-efficient equipment, and 63 percent have adopted policies to cut back on printing.

One big indicator about the future of education, given both technology and the green influence: 65 percent of the respondents said they bought new equipment for the specific purpose of launching distance learning or online education programs.

And, the blog finishes with a dig on corporate environments.

Two other interesting stats to leave you with:
- One in four schools is using at least one alternative energy source to provide power on campus.(Can your company say the same?)
- One in four schools has adopted telecommuting policies for their faculty. (Ditto?)