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Tranquil PC Launch Intel Atom 330 Based Home Server and Media Center

Mon, Sep 8, 2008 | Terry Walsh

Tranquil PC Launch Intel Atom 330 Based Home Server and Media Center

Whilst the rest of the world is getting to grips with the new Intel Atom low power/low cost processor, the UK’s Tranquil PC have skipped ahead and will very shortly launch Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center based machines running the even newer Intel Atom 330 processor!

The 330 is a 1.6GHz dual core, dual wafer chip which, according to Tranquil,  displays as 4 x CPU history streams in Task Manager, and is 64-bit compatible, which really is a must-have for potential future versions of Windows Home Server.

Acording to The Register, the 330 will come soldered onto Intel’s new D945GCLF2 mobo, a mini-ITX board based on the 945GC chipset and GMA 950 integrated graphics.

The new Windows Home Server specification is served up in a special blue edition of Tranquil’s T7 chassis, called the T7-HSG which comes complete with the new processor and an upgrade to Gigbit LAN. The standard black chassis is also available as an option. Base price is £299 +VAT, with upgrade options available across RAM and Storage.

The Tranquil site has some details, but they are not shipping yet.


Introducing the T7-HSG the ultimate compact home server appliance. The unit, running Windows Home Server, is a smart hub to connect, protect and share your photos, videos, music and important files. Powered by the latest Intel Atom 330 Dual core CPU, this Home Server delivers outstanding performance, coupled with low power consumption. This high quality unit will be at home anywhere, similar in size to a typical hard back dictionary. With wall mount option, it can be secured out of sight and out of mind. Supporting 4x external HDDs, this is an excellent Server start up option. Why not couple it with the slot on T7-HDx units (and have up to 9TBs of storage).