The Under Water Data Center, Response to Risks of Google’s Floating Data Center, Submerge

There has been lots of news coverage of Google’s Floating Data Center patent.

I’ve learned to be a patent skeptic.  Didn’t Google get a patent for Containers? Where is the Google container data center?  Can Google sue Microsoft for the idea of using containers in their Chicago Data Center?  The military has been using containers for years delivering compute in containers.

As Data Center Knowledge asked whether a data center can weather a Hurricane.

Here is another idea Google can patent to survive the threat of Hurricane or Tsunami.

Submerge the data center.

The data center is now save from Hurricane and Tsunamis.  Security is better.  Does Greenpeace own a Submarine?

So, in the end what did Google’s container patent achieve? A bunch of speculation, and in reality Google did not build a container data center.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Floating Google Data Center.