What is Motivating Ken Brill to Criticize PUE? Maybe, another Uptime Seminar

TechHermit has a post on

Ken Brill continues to use his bully pulpit to slow down Data Center Energy Efficiency measurement adoption

August 29, 2008

I am really quite flabbergasted at Ken Brill.  I am really beginning to think he is going crazy.   On Monday, Mr. Brill posted a comment on his blog at Forbes essentially going after the gaming and potential mis-use of metrics. 

TechHermit then details Ken's bully pulpit behavior.

  1. Electricity is only one of a number of data center energy sources. Others include natural gas, steam, chilled water, diesel, free-cooling and one-pass cooling. So, if electricity alone is counted as an energy source, some sites will appear to be better than they really are.
  2. I also find it humorous that he mentions his ludicrously non-adopted Site Infrastructure Energy Overhead metric.   This metric is essentially PUE.  I guess this wonderful metric could not be gamed either.   Or that it somehow incorporates the energy calculation of cooling the earths air for free-cooling. 
  3. Given the amount of times he mentions PUE in negative connotations, I cannot but help think this a thinly veiled attempt to associate PUE with “Bad Marketeering” and “Green Washing”.

And, then TechHermit closes with

Having been involved in my local political scene I can tell you its a standard strategy.   That’s exactly what this smells of….politics.

Out of curiosity I went to the Forbes article ,and saw the overall rating was 5 stars, I clicked one star, and it dropped to 3 stars. Did someone at Uptime click on a 5 star rating, and my click on one star, averaged it to 3?


I have nothing personal against Ken, but I do agree with TechHermit's point.

In my opinion he is doing nothing more than creating significantly more mis-information and hesitance for companies to even begin measurement in the first place.

I've been sitting on this post for 5 days, not feeling I had enough information to post it.  But, 5 minutes ago I got the other piece of the puzzle in email, an Uptime Seminar promoting Four Metrics.

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I think this explains Ken's behavior to criticize PUE not as crazy, but a focus on Uptime's (Ken's) seminar revenue.