Microsoft Changing The Data Center Industry with an Event?

TechHermit has an inside track on the Microsoft MDX event.  Given this is an NDA event there is no press that I know of, so we’ll see what details come out.  But, TechHermit has quite a bit.

Microsoft Data Center "No Frills, Mad Skills" Show gets underway

September 30, 2008

I just got an update from one of my readers who is attending the Microsoft Datacenter Experience Conference in San Antonio.  While the event is under non-disclosure certain facts have already leaked out about its content:

  • Microsoft has opened its doors to its key customers around its data center approach, technologies and plans.
  • The event is being held at the recently opened San Antonio Data Center.  Apparently the lecture halls are actual data room halls of the facility.
  • Microsoft has brought its best and brightest data center engineers, program managers, and executives to the event to discuss the business, economics, and technologies of the data center industry.
  • Apparently this event is the brain child of Microsoft Data Center guru’s Michael Manos and Christian Belady but will have representation from all aspects of Microsoft Operations including Networking

The reader identified as “Jenny Rator” sent us the following email snippet.   She is committed and bound by the NDA and will not be disclosing specifics around the various sessions, but promised to give us a “feel” for what she is experiencing.

Here are more details from Jenny Rator.

I have never been to an actual data center conference in a working data center before and they did a really nice job.  Its clear that the focus is on the data, knowledge sharing, and ability to interact with Microsoft personnel, and not on selling Microsoft product or doing a fancy dog and pony show.   I have honestly never experienced anything like this, and frankly I love it.  Everyone got a tour of facility which is breath-taking.  If you ever want to know how to do a data center right - you should go to this event if they have it again.

What is more credible than having a Data Center event at a Data Center?