RFID in the Data Center

Forbes has a businesswire about Financial Services Technology Consortium specifying RFID tagging of IT Assets.

Financial Institutions Collaborate in Documenting Requirements for RFID Data Center Asset...

12.18.08, 10:27 AM EST


The Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) today announced it has published RFID Basic Functional and Numbering Requirements for IT Data Center Assets. Over the last six months, FSTC members and RFID organizations have collaborated to produce functional requirements targeted at IT Asset vendors for pre-tagging data center equipment in a standard method prior to shipments to data centers. The numbering requirements are based on the EPCglobal Electronic Product Code (EPC) and the GS1 Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI).

The RFID Basic Functional Requirements and Number Requirements, documented by the FSTC project team are now available on the FSTC web site. This FSTC project had a goal of assisting all data centers, not just within the financial industry, with creating a process that will reduce the time required to inventory IT Assets. The implementation of RFID technology allows the entire inventory process to be automated from end-to-end (ordering, receiving, installation, maintenance, and removal and destruction), thus increasing accuracy, reducing labor and providing real-time location capability.