Energy Star Rating Removed, Influenced by Consumer Reports

I blogged about Consumer Reports raising issue with the Energy Star program for Refrigerators.

Well it turns out the issues is big enough that for the first time some refrigerators have been suspended from the Energy Star program.

Fridges lose their Energy Star



For the first time, some refrigerators have been suspended from the federal Energy Star program, under a November 2008 agreement between South Korean manufacturer LG and the Department of Energy.

Made by LG and sold under the LG and Kenmore Trio brands, 22 French-door models with through-the-door ice and water dispensers consume too much energy to qualify for Energy Star, an issue brought to light by recent Consumer Reports articles about some Energy Star appliances. Energy Star refrigerators must use at least 20 percent less electricity than the maximum allowed under the DOE standard, but one model we reported on currently consumes 23 percent more than the DOE maximum.

Hopefully vendors who sign up for the Energy Star program for servers and data center efficiency, will be aware of this first time suspension, and make input for accurate tests.