Visio’s Add-ins for GreenIT – Server Virtualization and HVAC Monitoring

Microsoft has a couple of new Visio Tools to help your Green IT efforts – Server Virtualization inventory and monitoring & HVAC Monitoring.

How to Analyze Rack Server Virtualization
How to Set Up HVAC Monitoring with Visio

Just a few examples of cost-saving scenarios include:

HVAC ReadingHVAC Readings – virtual representations of a data center’s key HVAC data, including temperature and humidity, help companies better manage energy consumption and keep HVAC costs down.

Server Capacity – quickly assess server usage at both the rack and individual server level to help support decisions around shifting workloads to less-utilized boxes and potentially shutting down excess servers in the event of extra capacity.



I am going to get a demo of these solutions and have contacted the Microsoft product manager.  If any of you system integrators/consultants are interested in this solution, I can help arrange an introduction.