Another Wireless Sensor Company, Arch Rock

A friend forwarded on this company.

Powering the Next Tier of the Internet™

Arch Rock is a pioneer in IP-based wireless sensor network technology and provides products that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Our open, standards-based approach and real-world know-how make us uniquely capable of delivering solutions that combine data from the physical world with state-of-the-art technology.

One convenient part I found is they have an online store, so you can find out quickly how much the solution costs without contacting a salesman.

PhyNet Configuration Base Bundle

Our Price: $7,995.00

The PhyNet Base configuration includes flexible building blocks to install a mix of ten analog and two digital sense points in a single wireless sensor network with redundant egress paths via the two PhyNet Routers, or as two deployments in separate locations with each PhyNet Router securely managed from a centralized PhyNet Server over the public internet. The PhyNet Server scales to host collections of WSNs accessed by one or more PhyNet Routers and displays sensor data on a web console or via standard web services interfaces that let users setup, manage and gather data from their sensor networks. Recommended for beginning deployments.
Link to Arch Rock product page.