Mike Manos’s presentation at 2009 Gartner Data Center Conference

Gartner’s Data Center Conference is coming up and I am building my agenda.  Mike Manos’s presentation will be an interesting one to watch.

Regulation. It's Real. It's Coming. It's Expensive.

Wednesday, 02 December 2009
01:45 PM-02:45 PM

Speaker: Mike Manos
Location: Octavius 2
Session Type: Solution Provider Session

Energy regulation is coming. The US House of Representatives has already passed its Cap and Trade legislation and the Senate has a bill in committee. In Europe it already exists. The operational and cost impact on datacenters in the today's regulatory environment is substantial. In this presentation Mr. Manos will provide a detailed overview of the pending industry-impacting legislation and what you will need to do to negate its impact.

I’ve seen Mike present many times and it is always entertaining.  But, what I am most interested in is the crowd that attends Mike’s session and whether they get it.