Evolution and the Data Center

7x24 Exchange is coming up with the theme of “Changing Landscape of Data Centers” and a bunch of my data center friends will be there.


But, I am passing on this event to go to Santa Fe Institute’s Business Networking event where the bicentenary of of the birth of Charles Darwin and evolution theory will be discussed.

2009 Annual Business Network and Board of Trustees’ Symposium

Multi-Dimensions of Evolution

2009 is the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin. This year SFI has been celebrating this event through a variety of wide-ranging lectures, symposia, and public events on the topic of evolution. The idea has been to explore the many ways in which a Darwinian and Post-Darwinian perspective on life and time have changed our science, society and metaphysics.

This November we shall continue our celebrations with a series of talks on the multi-dimensions of evolution followed by a concert performance and readings -- extending our inquiries into the world of nineteenth century, romantic exploration, and historical synthesis, spanning science and music.

Each speaker will address some unique application of evolutionary thought, describing how an evolutionary perspective has transformed our knowledge of the world. Speakers will consider how evolutionary thinking transformed their fields, and how new, post-Darwinian ideas have been evolving and generating further insights.

I’ll be blogging from the SFI event and will let you know how a bunch of Evolution thinkers see a multi-dimensional future.  I am looking forward to immersing myself in people who think about how things evolve.

One potential theme I see is “survival of the fittest.”  Which companies leverage a fittest approach to data centers.  Fittest is about survival in this business environment.