Data Center operators promote green features to lure tenants

InfoWorld has an article discussing green data center features to lure tenants.  One good part of the colocation providers like Fortune and Digital Realty Trust promoting green features is more people will be thinking of how their company owned datacenters should be green.

NOVEMBER 11, 2009

Datacenter operators dangle green benefits to lure tenants

Providers share their energy-efficiency secrets and link them to cost savings

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Hardware vendors aren't the only organizations out there touting their green credentials to lure customers. Companies specializing in building and operating datacenters, both for individual and multiple tenants, are increasingly trumpeting the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of their facilities. These traits not only appeal to the "save the planet" sensibilities of more environmentally conscious decision makers but to cost-conscious decision makers as well.

Among the datacenter operators celebrating green achievements is Fortune Data Centers, which recently earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification for an eight-megawatt facility in San Jose. By building and developing the facility with energy efficiency in mind, Fortune Data Centers asserts it will enjoy long-term cost savings that will be passed on to its tenants.

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"We're structuring our business so that customers can enjoy the benefits of LEED-certified datacenter space without paying a premium for it," said John Sheputis, CEO of Fortune Data Centers. "We believe companies shouldn't have to pay extra for energy efficiency; rather they should realize a reduction in costs."