Securing a Small Nuclear Reactor – bury it in a missile silo or bunker

I was talking to an entrepreneur at Santa Fe Institute’s Business Networking event after a presentation by Stewart Brand on Nuclear Power.  We discussed the idea of micro nuclear reactors, and he says it will not happen because of the security issues required for a small nuclear plant vs. a large one, and the danger of terrorist attacks.

With all the talk of data center in bunkers and missile silos.  How about burying a small nuclear reactor in a missile silo?  Seems pretty secure.  It is another way to recycle and re-use.

Here is a dataecenterknowledge post from 2007 where a missile silo was being sold as a data bunker.

Missile Bunker Listed on eBay, Again

September 27th, 2007 : Rich Miller

An abandoned missile base in Washington State is back in the news. The former Titan missile silo at Larsen Air Force base in central Washington, which for many years was marketed as a potential “data bunker,” has been featured this week on Boing Boing andthe BBC. The news: the 57-acre site is for sale, and is actually listed on eBay for $1.5 million.

Here is a short video of some of Stewart’s ideas and how recycled Russian nukes are being used in US Nuclear reactors.