APC Smart-UPS update, greener and intelligent

APC released new versions of its Smart-UPS with greener features and more intelligence.


I had a ten year old Smart-UPS, but stopped using it with my desktop machines to save energy, but these latest UPS are 97% efficient.

And these latest versions are smarter than my old UPS.

user-friendly features like an LCD interface with diagnostic capabilities and advanced energy management that delivers clear and timely energy consumption metrics

I got a chance to talk to Ray Munkelwitz, product manager APC by Schneider electric and he says the life of the batteries are extended as well.

This technology adjusts a battery’s lifetime based on environmental conditions to provide advanced notification.

When there is end of life, batteries are recycled.

Smart-UPS feature a user replaceable battery.   Over time, typically 3 to 5 years, usage and temperature degrade the UPS batteries which need to be replaced.  APC recycles used batteries and almost 100% of the battery lead content is reused, protecting the environment. With each purchase of a genuine APC replacement battery, you get free freight back to APC for proper disposal of your old batteries (currently available in USA only.)  Yet another “green” related aspect of the Smart-UPS.


My one wish for the product is per port power monitoring.  There is power monitoring for the whole UPS, but not per socket.  If there was per socket, this unit would help measure power consumption per device which is useful in performance lab conditions.