Ex-Microsoft Security Evangelist works for AWS, shouldn’t he have been transferred to Azure instead of fired?

A new AWS technical evangelist has a blog entry.

Hello, world!

Good day, everyone. I'm Steve Riley. In July 2009 I joined the AWS evangelism team. I spent my first few months absorbing information about all our offerings and am now getting back on the road again, speaking at various events and user groups and meeting with customers. I came from Microsoft, where I was in the telecommunications consulting practice for three years and in the Trustworthy Computing group for seven. I was a global security evangelist there and also worked closely with our chief security officer and enterprise security architect communities. I'm continuing that work here at Amazon Web Services, concentrating on enterprise deployment of cloud computing, all things cloud security, and of course the Windows Server aspects of our offerings.

I'm very excited to be part of AWS. The cloud is the future, and I look forward to meeting many of you and working together. As with all of us on the team, I'm here to help you succeed. More information in the links below.

Steve has a nice map of the Amazon EC2, S3, and CloudFront from one his presentations that is on his presentation page.


What I found interesting is Steve Riley was laid off from Microsoft’s security group, trustworthy computing.

Good bye, and good luck


Friends, as a part of Microsoft’s second round of restructuring, my position was eliminated yesterday and my employment with Microsoft has ended.

Shouldn’t Steve been transferred to Windows Azure instead of being laid off, and being hired by Amazon Web Services?