Data Center opinions on Obama’s Effect

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The Obama effect on IT operations: Data center panel weighs in

Will President Obama's campaign promises bring change for data centers? How will increased oversight of financial systems affect IT operations? Continued digitization of health care? Increased likelihood of passing carbon cap-and-trade legislation that would affect energy prices? Incentives for green business?

W e asked our data center advisory board, made up of CIOs, facilities execs, admins and analysts, how the Obama administration will affect IT operations.

If I was going to place bets i agree with Christian Belady’s comment.

Prepare to report on carbon emissions for the data center
I think one of the things that we can expect is that companies will be required to report carbon emissions, and a significant part of the emissions will be from data centers. Many of you may know that I have advocated the importance of measurement over the years, and those who have embraced [a measurement strategy] will find carbon reporting trivial.

For Microsoft, tools like Scry can report carbon emissions already at the server, rack or data center level. A few other companies are doing the same. For the rest, adoption and investment of real time measurement techniques will need to happen fast. As a result, companies will have to spend much of their resources making this happen in an unforgiving economy -- not the best place to be.

-- Christian Belady, P.E., principal power and cooling architect, Microsoft