Year 3 of California’s Drought

It’s hard to be green when there is no water.

It is year 3 of California’s drought and to help you learn more the state gov’t has this site.

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Droughts differ from typical emergency events such as floods or forest fires, in that they occur slowly over a multiyear period. Drought impacts increase with the length of a drought, as carry-over supplies in reservoirs are depleted and water levels in groundwater basins decline. Find out more about the worsening hydrologic conditions across the State.

Pictures are available here.

And Videos here.

Full-Res Drought Footage for Media
Video footage of northern California reservoirs is currently available for public use on DWR's ftp site. To obtain high definition and standard definition footage, log on to and select the PAO Video Download folder. There will be two Drought Footage folders: one containing HD footage and the other containing SD footage. Below are Windows Media Video samples of the variety of shots available for download.

"Oroville 2008" - Footage of Lake Oroville at 33% capacity.

You’ve heard of Carbon Cap and Trade. California has a Drought Water Bank to buy water from sources upstream transferring the water to other projects.

low reservoir DWR has established a 2009 Drought Water Bank. DWR will purchase water from willing sellers primarily from water suppliers upstream of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This water will be transferred using State Water Project (SWP) or Central Valley Project (CVP) facilities to water suppliers that are at risk of experiencing water shortages in 2009 due to drought conditions and that require supplemental water supplies to meet anticipated demands.