Controlling Your Cloud Computing with an iPhone

AWS has a post about their new iPhone Console Application.

iPhone Console for EC2

This is a very brief post to call your attention to yet more innovation in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem: in this case an iPhone console application that monitors and controls your Amazon EC2 environment. David Kavanagh and company cooked this up over at directThought.

My mind immediately went to "Sitting in Maui, umbrella drink by the pool, time to add a few more instances to my Amazon EC2 server fleet by tapping on the iPhone. Ahhh..." Then reality struck -- it's snowing outside the hotel I'm in.

The underlying client toolkit (cTypica) is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

You can preview the application here. Now is your chance to provide input on what will be a very useful tool for AWS users who have an iPhone.


This post will give me an excuse to ping Mike (at amazon) as I haven’t chatted with him for a while.