Missed My Chance to Have a Green Discussion with Harrison Ford

I was in Portland yesterday working on Green Data Center Modeling, and stayed at the Nines hotel for a $99 special rate.

It turns out the Nines hotel is the location for The Living Future conf, May 6 – 9, 2009.


The Unconference for Deep Green Professionals

The 3rd annual Living Future will convene the continent's deepest-green building professionals for two days of kinetic dialogue and unbridled imagination to catalyze revolutionary change.

And, they have a session on Living Building Mindmapping.

This session intends to share our learning experiences and the inspiration of working with Living Tools to make Living Buildings.

Also the hotel is nice enough that Harrison Ford was two tables over having a breakfast meeting.  Sitting about where these tables are. 


I knew Harrison Ford was into green efforts, but I didn’t know how much until I went to another website.

Hundreds came out  Orange County’s Laguna Beach for The Sea Change Summer Party to raise money for environmental group Oceana, and to honor Harrison Ford’s consistent work for the environment. Ford sits on many boards for different environmental groups, he’s donated acreage in Wyoming for conservation, and his recent chest waxing to bring attention to deforestation is one of the most creative acts of advocacy I’ve scence in a long time.  A perfect choice for someone to honor…he deserves it!

If I had known all this, I would have approached Harrison for a green discussion. Which is a better plan than getting his autograph for my son who was excited to hear I saw “Indiana Jones” in the restaurant.