Insights into Google’s PUE, a laptop approach to Power Supplies and UPS for Servers achieves 99.9% efficient UPS system

Chris Malone and Ben Jai presented “Insights into Google’s PUE”

Areas to be discussed are

  • Innovations and best practices
  • Measurement and method & accuracy
  • Benefits of measuring PUE

and a PUE update + a google server on display

Some details discussed were.

Typical data center PUE is 2.0 vs. Google’s 1.16.

85% reduction in cooling .7 vs. 0.15 achieved by Closed-couple cooling , raise temperatures, economizers

80% Power distribution .22 vs. 0.039 by 99.9% efficient UPS

This last point of 99.9% efficient UPS is where Ben Jai explained the google approach for UPS. electronics design responsibility.2003 –2007.

Ben pointed out he did not seek out to find a UPS solution.  But, started looking at the server and issues. Over provisioning in power supply is a problem.  Google Server has PSU to motherboard to disk.  Let motherboard make determination of disk drive power requirements.

The next was add a battery to the motherboard to provide the battery backup required for the server.

Below is a picture of the motheboard with power supply and battery changes.  The server is now close to a laptop design, but only enough battery power to allow backup power to be provided vs. the hours we expect for laptops.