Microsoft’s Farewell Blog Entry?

Mike Manos’s farewell blog entry is up on his site.

Farmers, so long

April 13, 2009 by mmanos


This post represents a bittersweet moment in my career. As you have no doubt heard I am moving on from Microsoft to take on an exciting senior role at Digital Realty Trust. I will save the specifics on my new role and its mission for a future post on my personal Loosebolts blog. But for now, I want to reflect a bit on my work here at Microsoft, our team, and a little bit on what it means to be a  farmer.

A farmer you say? What the heck is he talking about? As I sit here writing this post my thoughts go back to one of many memorable moments here at the company. It’s a rainy, windy and biting cold day in April and a crowd of around 150 people are milling about the recently completed Microsoft data center facility in Quincy, Washington. The crowd is an odd mixture of city and state officials, Microsoft executives and facilities personnel, and key vendors from construction firms to operational support teams. Everyone is anxious for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to begin and I am mingling my way to the front of the crowd. Despite the weather there is a warmth and a glow as we have just completed Microsoft’s first mega-scale facility and the team is full of pride at the accomplishment.

This post doesn’t have anything of real interest, and reminds me of a press release.  What I want to see is a post from Mike after he leaves Microsoft.

I did run into Mike’s new Digital Reality Trusts co-workers at Uptime’s conference, and they can’t wait for him to start.