Stop the Uptime Spam Machine!

For those of you who attend Uptime Events, you’ve been a victim of Uptime’s Spam Machine.  I am sitting with 4 other data center professionals who all have been victims of the Uptime Spam.  Before the conference I was receiving 3 – 6 pieces of e-mail a day.

Unfortunately, all this spam is leaving a bad taste regarding Uptime.  Uptime is my leading spam sender.

Here is the latest spam email from Bruce Taylor advertising Tile Flow.

Making Green Data Centers

Dear Data Center Professional:
The energy consumed by the cooling infrastructure in a data center can be significantly reduced by optimizing the cooling performance, which involves achieving an airflow pattern that minimizes the mixing of hot and cold air. This optimization also reduces the operating cost and the emission of greenhouse gases.
The optimization of cooling performance requires a good understanding of airflow and temperature distribution in the data center. This understanding is best achieved via computational modeling based on the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique.
To learn more about the benefits of airflow and temperature modeling, please visit
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Amir Radmehr
Director, Sales and Marketing
Innovative Research, Inc.
3025 Harbor Lane N., Suite 300
Plymouth, MN 55447
Tel: (763) 519-0105, Ext. 209

I’ve hit the unsubscribe.

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Is this the future of Uptime being hawkers of data center vendors.