More Energy Government Regulation Coming

MSNBC sites Reuters in on energy used by devices.

Cell phones, TVs undo efficiency gains

Study: Energy used by household electronic devices could triple by 2030

By Gerard Wynn

updated 1 hour, 9 minutes ago

LONDON - Demand for energy-thirsty gadgets such as cell phones, iPods, PCs and plasma TVs is undoing efficiency gains elsewhere, the International Energy Agency said on Wednesday.

The Paris-based energy adviser to 28 developed countries urged governments in a report to keep pace with the invention of new consumer devices when crafting efficiency standards, and implored people to make thriftier choices.

The IEA warned that otherwise energy used by household electronic devices could triple by 2030.

Digging into the IEA site found this presentation with this conclusion that was part of the release above.


Note the last statement.

We need strong, robust government policies that ensure greater energy efficiency.