XS11-VX8 Google Search, greenm3 back to #2

I’ve written 3 blog entries on the XS11-VX8.




I was disappointed when at first I went from #2 to #40, but figured oh well, the rest of the news/blogger community started putting “xs11-vx8” in their titles, so they got the traffic.

But, a few days later I am back to #2 right behind the Dell Blog.  I couldn’t exactly say why Google Search likes me, but it is pretty cool to be #2 out 11,000 search results.



There are now 11,000 results for a search on “xs11-vx8” in less than a week, and buzz that rivals Intel Xeon servers.

Dell and Via have got to be jumping for joy, slapping high five.

"A one-size fits all approach simply does not work for hyper-scale computing customers. The unique architecture of environments like Web hosting render unnecessary many of the system features required by mainstream IT.  By working with VIA to design a high density, lower power system, Dell is designing for these customer's specific needs, driving down costs and improving efficiency." -Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager of Dell's Data Center Solutions division.

The XS11-VX8 server addresses the need in hyperscale environments like Web hosting, Web farms and light load infrastructures for a high density, low power and 'Ultra-Light' server product. In these applications general-purpose servers are under-utilized and inefficient, requiring expensive cooling infrastructures and using more energy than the applications require.

The VIA Nano-powered XS11-VX8 is the densest server on the market with 12 systems housed in a 2U chassis. Promising up to 34% lower TCO compared to the use of white box client systems, the XS11-VX8 is designed for single server workloads where overall power consumption needs to be less than 30 watts per system.