ComputerWorld – Hot Data Center jobs , Cloud, Virtualization, Green

ComputerWorld has an article pointing out the hot jobs in data centers as Cloud, Virtualization, and Green.

Hot Data Center Jobs: Cloud, Virtualization, Green

By Robert Lemos

May 26, 2009 03:31 PM ET

    CIO - In recent days, "less bad" has become the favored description of much of the economy, including the IT industry. However, the number of positions needed for efficient operation of data centers has remained strong, continuing to show overall growth even in a down economy. (For more background on hot IT skills now, see "Data Center Skills Discussion Sparks Debate" and "Top Virtualization Skills Enterprises Want Now.")

    Listings for data center jobs have increased steadily in the last few years, according to data from job-listing aggregator, especially among companies looking for green IT, virtualization and cloud computing expertise. In July of last year, job listings seeking workers with "green" expertise nearly tripled and continue to grow, says.

    The driving factors are two.  Governance and operational efficiency.

    Two key factors are driving demand for IT industry jobs, especially at the senior manager and executive level, says Shawn Banerji, director of the global technology sector for executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

    "One is around governance in firms that are trying to get better clarity and transparency across their enterprise," Banerji says. "The flip side is that there is a big push around operations, engineering and operations improvements. How do we drive efficiencies, take out cost, do more with less, and how do we use outsourcing to our benefit?"